To avoid product quality risks it is essential to check the cleaning cycle

of the keg before it is filled. In this case we offer the following equipment:

JAUST-Show-KEG`s with "look- around view":

Glass-Demonstration-Control-KEG with glass zylinder using for visual demonstration

the internal cleaning- and filling process of kegging machines. Proofed safety-keg equipped

with pressure and temperature display.

Available in type 30 l and type 50 l, as well as in special designs eg.350 mm height:


Special Designs:

Slim-Soft- Show -Keg 20 l/ Partycan- Show-barrel 5 l





The below standing chematic describes our JAUST-Alternating-Flow-Vent-System.. This is the optimal cleaning system for kegs. It consists the cleaning through the Keg`s feedpipe, as well as intensive cleaning additionally through the fitting.