Cleaning- and Filling Machinery
for KEG, KEGGY and Container:

JAUST designs, develops and manufactures complete KEG-plants including periphery machines for the world-wide beverage industry(focus: beer/wine/non-alcoholics) since more over 20 years. Our world reputated KEG-machines have been developed to incorporate the latest state of the art and are available in numerious different variants, in semi-automatic versions from 20 KEG/h up to 120 KEG/h and fully-automatic versions up to 1000 KEG/h. Thus covering all client specific requirements and output ranges. A automatic indication system makes sure that different kind of KEG, Keggy and Container can be cleaned and filled in sorted as well as in unsorted passages. We guaranty biological safety through our JAUST- Pulsating- Flow- Vent- Cleaning- System.. The combination of pulsating mixed water, intensive pulsating and whirling of cleaning agents, pulsating hotwater and final steam sterilization ensures high cleaning effects and maximized biological safety.

Our product programme includes proven and reliable kegging and palletising equipment, external washer,, pre-cleaner, KEG-checker, capper, turning devices, labeller, weighter, deporting devices, JAUST- Show- KEG, interconnecting conveying systems and pipework. From production through installation to final commissioning and after sales support.

  Erecting Example:

Fully-Automatic KEG-Plant


Some Examples: