Concept Event- Pubbreweries:

The trend of pub breweries in the global world is growing considerable. This is caused among others on the fact that the guest in this gastronomy is offered an individual product with is specific flavour due to which it is absolutely different from beer manufactured by common breweries. Besides they watching brewing process and having experiences and events. Pub-breweries will give people opportunities to relax in a pleasant invironment, while enjoying beer. A succesful start includes a excellent location, a serious analysis of local market and a competent partner for the brewing equipment. JAUST enterprise is a German company who manufactures machinery and plants for the global beverage industry moreover 20 years.

We are specialized in production of high-quality pub brewery equipment. JAUST is your competent partner to equip your event pubbrewery. Our advantages: high qualitative engineering and experience bound up with world wide distribution. We also place much emphasis on appearance, perfect craftmanship and high-technology. We present our breweries to you as a concept innovation in which the demands for excellent optic, operational reliability, user-friendly, practical and conomical operation regarding energy-, time-, and space- saving have been integrated in an excellent way.

Our brewhouses of types DSW-5- 50 are available in sizes of 5 to 50 hl of cast wort/batch made complete of stainless steel or covered with brewtraditional handcrafted copperdomes and claddings. Also in special sizes and fully-automatic operation deliverable.

In addition we supply traditional two-vessel brewhouses types Tandem TD-5- 50, or more vessel plants in several sizes types Q-10- 100 up to 100 hl.

Our event-pubbreweries includes all necessary elements to brew good tasty and high qualitative beer. All customary types of beer such as Export, Pilsener, Bavarian wheat beer in conformity the German purity law and also ale etc. can be brewed.

The equipment consists of components for: milling, brewing, fermenting, storing, cooling, CIP, dispensing, water treatment as well as cleaning- and filling of KEG, barrel, partykeg, siphon and bottles etc..

The cellar equipment depends on the maximum weekly number of batches or the desired annual output. Questionary

We consult you with pleasure in arranging your turn-key breweries, the technical and economical lay out, as well as in brewing prescriptions, delivery of raw materials etc.