Fully-Automatic Cleaning- and Filling machines for KEG, KEGGY and Container:
Construction serial: Linomat Types LN-1 - LN-6


Types: Linomat
active cleaning-staions / pcs.: 1 2 3 4 5 6
filling-stations / pcs.: 1 1 1 1 1 1
Average capacity/KEG/per hour: 35 45 55 65 75 85
length: 2150 2650 3150 3650 4150 4650
width: 800 800 800 800 800 800
height: 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000
In- and outlet-variabel height, at least: 550 550 550 550 550 550



- High intensive cleaning technology through our reliable and proofed pulsating JAUST flow- vent- system

- Softly filling with minimum product loss through using differential pressure system and a stepless filling speed control

- Lowest oxygen pick-up and minimized COČ- gas consumption

- Free programmable steering Siemens S7

- All steps of process visualized and checked by operation tablou

- Central, directly and clear arranged pipework

- Easy maintenance and best access

- Lowest space requirement through compact line construction

- Capacity extension by using central steered Linomates


Ffully automatic, fully electronic internal-cleaning- and filling machines for different kind of KEG, KEGGY and Containers. Line type. All machines have been equipped with the latest kegging technology. This ensures maximum product quality in the filled KEG`s. Linomates have been developed to incorporate the latest state of the art and are available in different variants of capacities from 35 up to 85 KEG/h. Beginning with LN-1 from Linomat LN-1 up to LN-6. The figures describes the number of active cleaning stations(eg. LN-6 means 6 pcs.active cleaning- and sterilization stations and a separate filling station). The Linomates transportes the KEG`s, Keggy and Container fully automatic stepwise from one station to the other(able to clean and fill all KEG`s, KEGGY and containers in contents from 10l up to 50l by mixed operation without any machine changeover). The waiting and centering station at the infeed is followed by 1-6 washing-and sterilization station, 1 filling station, 1 KEG-neck spraying station and a discharging station. The transport within the machines will be performed by lifting beam mechanism.

All KEG`s are internal cleaned and contamination is absolutely removed with combinated spraying of mixed water, caustic, acid and hotwater using our pulsating flow-vent system. Following sterilization by steam maximized biological safety. The beverages and other filling liquids are softly filled with the lowest product loss using our differential pressure regulation with stepless filling speed regulation. CoČ gas consumption and Oxygen pick-up is minimized. The complete filling system is equipped with a fully automatic CIP-cleaning system. Also cleaning in place of brewery-sided piping system possible. Each process step is checked twice using ultra-sonic probes and pressure sensors. All KEG controls and steps are analyzed by software to double check the safety features. All elements of control cycle are self-checked. A free programmable steering latest Siemens S7 controles the fully automatic operation.

All pneumatical and electrical components, service valves, supply and return connections etc. are centralized at one side of the machine. All solenoid valves are installed in a water-protected stainless steel panel. All steps of process can be visualized by an control tablou which is integrated in the operation area. As standard features the machines are equipped with best stainless steel pumps brand Hilge as well as designed in stainless steel 1.4571. All installed components are high qualitative. All machines, its components and its process control are in conformity all health and safety at work standards. All machines will be delivered, completely internal piped and wired ready for operation.