Cleaning- and filling machines for bottles, siphon and partykeg:

Compact-cleaning machines for siphons and bottles:

We have constructed compact energy-and water-saving cleaning machiens for bottles and siphons especially for pub- and micro-breweries. For example we introduce our type Clean-Boy S-2: This machine has designed with two active stations. Capacity 40- 140 units/h depending on each cleaning intensity. It has been equipped with two special-nozzles as well as regenerating treatment stations for soaking rubber-porcellan crowns. Three different cleaning intensity programmes have been integrated(low/medium/intensive) for selection. Each stage of the cleaning process- from the initial cleaning with mixed water, with detergent, to the final cleaning with hot water is fully automatically by the free-programmable Siemens S7. Besides the biological safety effects, it is further characterized by minimized space requirements(e.g.type S-2 completely installed with 2 x 80l supply units approx.1 mē floorspace). As standard, all machines will be completely manufactured of stainless steel no.1.4571 and if desired, mobil on rollers. It can be equipped with one or further stations for cleaning bottles, depending on the desired capacity. Beyong that we are manufacturer of combined internal- and external-cleaning machines for different packages as cabin-washers.

Compact-Automatic-Internal-Cleaning Machine for Siphon-and Bottles Type Clean-BOY S2

Automatic Siphon-/Bottle-/Partykegfiller Type Fill-Boy F-1:

capactiy 80-100 containers/h

Fill-Boy S-F-6 with 6 Fillingstations, capacity 500-600 container/h:

especially constructed for different designer-bottles, siphons and partycans:

  Fill-Boy S-F-2 with 2 stations, capacity 160-200 container/h  

Compact-Internal-External-Cleaning-machine for different pachages: siphon, bottles, capacity ca.700 -1200 container/h: