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Direct-Flow- Stainless-Steel Types 1135L / 2649L/ INOX-V4A-S5-S8 :

For example: Type 1135L capacity 0,80 L/Min.; 300 gpd
For example: Type 2649L capacity 1,84 L/Min.; 700 gpd

-Thank you for your interests in our JAUST-Direct-Flow- Reverse-Osmosis Water Filtration System. You will now own a superb water filtration system that is highly effective at reducing just almost all contaminants in your water, including organic and inorganic compounds as well as unwanted tastes and odors. Produced in Germany. Direct Flow system guarantee highest quality and reliability. Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis Filtration System guarantees the perfect water treatment at molecular level. Filtered water is perfect for everyone including children. Our system will provide you with a continuous supply of sparkling clear, delicious and energized water for drinking, cooking and other uses. Having high quality RO water at your fingertips eliminates furthermore the need to buy bottled water.

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