Company Presentation:

JAUST enterprise was originally founded as a medium-sized engineering company. Our experience, technique and Know-How has been built and developed through decades of exacting engineering by partners like Krupp, Mannesmann, Demag, Babcock , KWU. For almost 30 years JAUST manufactures in single-part production, stainless-steel plants, special machinery and equipment for the beverage- and food- industry, as well as for the chemical-pharmaceutical- and cosmetical industry, regarding individual customer requirements.

Our products are subject to stringent final inspection of quality„Made in Germany“. We are very flexible manufacturer and able to satisfy individual customer demands in consulting, planning, engineering, construction. designing, production, automation, delivery, installation, assembly, commissioning and of course in After-Sales Services.

Our Qualiy Management follows the standards of DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.  We are a Certified Company like: TÜV AD 2000 HP 0, TÜV Welding specialist  DIN EN 729-3,   TÜV WHG § 19 I,   TÜV AD-2000 HP 0 Ziff.4, § 15 StrlSchV,...and other manifold procedure examinations.

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